Welcome to Frontier Strategy Group (FSG) & DuckerWorldwide’s (Ducker’s) 2019 outlook for the global healthcare industry.

We strongly believe that understanding the macro environment—the political, policy, and macroeconomic context in which every global healthcare company operates—is a prerequisite to developing a sound growth strategy.

This outlook will begin with a discussion of our proprietary macroeconomic and healthcare spending forecasts and summarize where companies are likely to find the strongest and weakest environments for growth. Headline economic growth does not guarantee market access, however, so we’ll go a step further and discuss some leading indicators that suggest emerging-market access risks for innovative therapeutics. To round out our macro discussion, we’ll examine how companies can protect against these near-term risks while making investments to capture medium- and long-term growth trends.

Having established our macro view of the world, we’ll explore the key stories, opportunities, and risks that will dominate the healthcare industry in 2019.

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