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Mainstream media, conferences, and global institutions rely on FSG for the latest insights impacting the business community in emerging markets. Our analysis has appeared in many media outlets, including the Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Forbes, BusinessWeek, Bloomberg, CNBC, Reuters, and BBC.

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Bhavya CNBC - 3.3.2016 Myanmar’s Economic Outlook  – CNBC 3/3/16 Zeynep BBC 2.18.16 Turkey Terror Attacks – BBC World News 2/18/16
Anna-HBR-Resilient Sub-Saharan Africa’s Most and Least Resilient Economies – Harvard Business Review 2/5/16 Oil-Angola-IBT-2016 Can Angola’s New Steel Mill Save Its Economy?  – International Business Times 1/29/16
Martina - CNBC - 1.4.2016 Fears about China persist into 2016 – CNBC 1/4/16 Mark-WSJ-12.15 Azerbaijan Manat Buckles After Government Drops Dollar Peg – The Wall Street Journal 12/21/15
Brazil-Pablo-HBR-11.19.15 Strategies for Succeeding in Today’s Brazil – Harvard Business Review 11/19/15 Bhavya-ChannelNewsAsia-Myanmar Myanmar in Transition – Channel NewsAsia 11/6/15
Lauren-WSJ-SouthSouthTrade-10.29.15 South-South Trade Falters – The Wall Street Journal 10/29/15 [VIDEO] Discussing President Xi Jinping’s US Visit – CCTV 9/25/15
Brazil’s economy tanks as multibillion-dollar corruption scandal expands – Washington Post 9/16/15 [VIDEO] China’s Stock Market Decline: What it Really Means – Al Jazeera 7/9/15
7 Myths About Doing Business in Sub-Saharan Africa – Harvard Business Review 7/3/15 Saudi Arabia stocks: The next Middle East play? – CNBC 6/15/15

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