Pricing Strategies cover

Currency volatility, competitive pressures, and more price-sensitive customers are pressuring multinational companies’ (MNCs) emerging-market pricing processes and strategies. In this environment, MNCs cannot afford to make slow, ad hoc, and tactical decisions on pricing, as these could cost both market share and profitability. Instead, companies should improve their global pricing processes to make more efficient, locally informed decisions on prices that are driven by strategic objectives, rather than short-term concerns.

To build best-in-class pricing strategies that counter market volatility, MNCs need to:

  • Create an effective pricing process for emerging markets
  • Align on the strategic objectives you are trying to accomplish using set strategies
  • Select the appropriate pricing tactics to support your chosen strategic objectives

This report analyzes where MNCs’ pricing processes fall short in emerging markets and provides frameworks, tools, benchmarking data, and case studies on how to improve them. The report also includes a series of case studies on tactics MNCs can use to improve the effectiveness of their pricing in an environment of high currency volatility


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