Wednesday, May 9, 2018 | 12:00 PM to 5:00 PM

Hotel Chicago Downtown | 333 North Dearborn Street, Chicago, IL 60654

Please join us for an exclusive client event, FSG’s Global Leadership Executive Workshop in Chicago.

The forum will be led by Director for Global Economics, Antonio Martinez, Practice Leader, Alec Lee, and Senior Analyst, Ryan Connelly, and will focus on how executives can develop the right supply chain footprint and value proposition in emerging markets.

The improving global growth environment is driving both rising optimism and higher targets. Alongside improving macroeconomic fundamentals are increasing pressures on multinational corporations to enhance their value propositions and reassess their global supply chain footprints. The workshop will help you navigate through the emerging opportunities and continued risks driving both short-term performance and long-term strategic objectives for multinationals in the global marketplace. More importantly, the session will help you share experiences and insights with peer executives at other leading multinationals.

Event Agenda:

✓ Welcome lunch and Networking – 12:00pm

✓ Introductions and Opening Remarks – 12:45pm

✓ Global Business Outlook – 1:00pm

FSG Director for Global Economics, Antonio Martinez will kick-off the day’s discussions with a look at the most significant global trends, risks, and opportunities facing multinational executives, with a special focus on growing pressures on the global manufacturing footprint and value proposition of multinational corporations.

✓ The Localization Challenge to Global Supply Chains – 2:15pm

FSG’s Senior Analyst, Ryan Connelly will explore how government policies and technological breakthroughs will change how manufacturing activity is done – with a shift away from integrated global supply chains towards more localized manufacturing processes

✓ Monetizing Value-Added Services in Emerging Markets – 3:30pm

FSG Practice Leader, Alec Lee will discuss the growing imperative to incorporate value-added services into the value proposition offered by leading multinationals in emerging markets, as well as how to manage the challenge of value alignment and monetization.

✓ Key Takeaways and Lessons Learned – 4:45pm

✓ Happy Hour – TBA

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