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No single advisory firm can do everything. We don’t pretend to. We specialize in five high-impact custom practice areas that leverage our proven methodologies, proprietary content, and FrontierView platform.


Market Prioritization 

Prioritize and assess geographic and customer markets.


Channel Management

Optimize partner performance and effectively manage transitions.



Demand Planning

Model future demand, event scenarios, and market volatility.





Market Opportunity Assessment

  Size geographic markets, industries and optimize go-to-market strategy.




Risk Management

  Prepare for event scenarios, and disruptive market volatility.


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Market Prioritization

Our Market Prioritization practice offers clients complete engagement solutions to prioritize investment and resource allocation decisions across geographies and customers.  The key challenges we address through our solutions are:

  • Should we expand into new countries or reinvest in our existing markets?
  • How do we prioritize opportunity on the subnational level, i.e. in states and provinces?
  • How can we adjust the resourcing plan to maximize our reach?
  • What is the best organizational design to structure our business for success?

Geographic Market Prioritization

Geographic Market Prioritization utilizes data-driven framework to determine which global, regional or sub-national markets represent the greatest opportunity.  This process is supported by our proprietary FrontierData database, qualitative market expertise, and execution guidance

Customer Segment Prioritization

Customer Segment Prioritization focuses on identification of the specific customer segments, across geographies, that offer the best opportunity. FSG uses a quantitative framework to rank and prioritize opportunities to inform resource allocation decisions

Client Outcomes

FSG’s Market Prioritization Practice leverages proven methodologies and frameworks to develop tailored solutions for companies. Through a combination of quantitative analysis, diagnostics and analytical tools, we help companies:

  • Focus expansion and reinvestment initiatives on the right markets
  • Determine the optimal allocation of scarce resources across geographies
  • Uncover untapped market potential to capture opportunities for growth

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Channel Management

Our Channel Management practice engages FSG’s clients to find solutions to improve the performance of existing partners, to find new partners, and to transition to new channel models.  The key challenges we address through our solutions are:

  • How can we improve and measure the capabilities of distribution partners?
  • How do we transition from and identify new partners?
  • How can we get our distributors to prioritize growing my business?
  • Which local partners can drive the best results for my business?

Performance Optimization

Leading companies engage FSG to develop sophisticated management processes that get the most out of existing partners. FSG assesses partner capabilities, develops plans for improvement, and monitors progress with customized scorecards

Partner Identification

FSG identifies, scores and ranks partners for companies across global markets. Using a quantitative framework, FSG will narrow down a partner search into a short-list of candidates with detailed profiles that dive into company information, reach, capabilities and references

Channel Transitions

Leading companies plan ahead of channel transitions. FSG supports clients in identifying optimal paths and models, and making recommendations on transition timelines and approach

Client Outcomes

FSG’s Channel Management practice leverages proven methodologies, primary case interviews, benchmarking data, and our proprietary channel toolkit. Solutions range from facilitated workshops to end-to-end consulting engagements, all designed to help companies:

  • Quantify your opportunity to gain corporate support for expansion initiatives
  • Align processes, metrics, and training to drive sustainable growth across your partners
  • Avoid nasty surprises tied to unexpected transitions by anticipating channel needs

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Demand Planning

Our Demand Planning practice engages companies to anticipate changes in customer demand so they can set more accurate sales and production targets. FSG uses a proprietary predicative analytics methodology to identify causal leading indicators and predict future business performance across global markets. The key challenges we address through our solutions are:

  • How can we set more accurate sales targets?
  • How much should we produce?
  • How can we avoid costly inventory overhangs?
  • What are the leading indicators of our business?

Predictive Analytics/Forecasting

FSG utilizes our proprietary analytical models to anticipate future sales performance across markets. Companies use FSG’s predictive analytics to set and reset targets for their sales force, to build strategic plans, and to anticipate unforeseen changes in demand

Client Outcomes

FSG’s Demand Planning practice leverages cutting edge econometric modeling techniques and proven methodologies to help companies:

  • Understand the leading indicators of their business
  • Improve forecasting of sales and production targets
  • Optimize inventory and supply chain management

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Market Opportunity Assessment

Our Market Opportunity Assessment practice engages FSG’s clients to measure the addressable opportunity for specific products and categories, to gain deeper insight into the competitive and regulatory landscape, and to inform go-to-market decisions. The key challenges we address through our solutions are:

  • What is the market’s size and how much of it is addressable?
  • What are the largest, highest growth, or most profitable pockets of opportunity?
  • What is the role of importers, distributors, and other channel partners in my industry?
  • Which regulatory hurdles have potential to be the most problematic?
  • How can our products stand out from competitors?

Market Sizing

Our Market Sizing approach pairs top-down analysis of data and market trends with bottom-up customer interviews to calculate an overall market size figure and estimate clients’ addressable opportunity. This analysis informs our clients’ growth forecasts and segmentation of demand across leading customer verticals

Industry Landscape & Value Chain Mapping

The Industry Landscape & Value Chain mapping consists of a multidimensional approach to industry mapping identifies pockets of opportunity across each step of the value chain by analyzing channel structure, pricing dynamics, leading local players, and competitor positioning

Operating Environment Analysis

The Operating Environment Analysis methodology provides clients a framework to analyze the regulatory and policy-making landscape for a specific industry or product ahead of expanding or launching a product in a specific market. Clients also leverage this approach to inform capital investment decisions, through analysis of export/import policies, government incentives, and labor environment

Client Outcomes

FSG’s Market Opportunity Assessment practice leverages proven methodologies based on a rigorous quantitative analysis to help companies:

  • Understand which countries represent the greatest opportunity
  • Determine which customer segments are most lucrative
  • Evaluate short-, medium- and long-term trajectory of target investment destinations

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Risk Management

Our Risk Management practice helps clients more effectively anticipate and plan for risks before they occur. Companies engage FSG to identify potentially disruptive risks, and to develop plans to mitigate those risks and turn them into opportunities.  The key challenges we address through our solutions are:

  • Does our business have a plan to manage through the large, unforeseen risks that occur frequently in global markets?
  • Can we turn risks into opportunities ahead of our competition?
  • Are we tracking potentially disruptive events that could derail our plans?

PEST Analysis

Companies rely on PEST analyses at the beginning of the strategic planning process to anticipate disruptive external events. PEST focuses on the political, economic, social and technological issues that are often not incorporated into the annual strategic planning process, yet often disrupt even the most thorough plans

Contingency Planning

Leading companies engage FSG to design contingency plans for potentially disruptive events. Contingency plans are developed with sequenced actions, owners, resources required, and corresponding communication plans. Companies use contingency plans as an addendum to their strategic plan

Scenario Planning

FSG’s Scenario Planning approach works backward from a “fail point” to identify what could have gone wrong before it’s too late. Critical actions are sourced and assigned owners to ensure that strategic plans remain on track.

Client Outcomes

FSG’s Risk Management practice leverages econometric, and statistical analysis to help companies:

  • Mitigate risk associated with disruptive geopolitical events
  • Capture new opportunities as the business environment shifts
  • Improve sales performance through enhanced forecasting

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