Thank you for your interest in our EMEA Regional Outlook for 2019! We are excited to offer you an executive summary of the research.

Executives should expect solid, if not accelerating, growth in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) during 2019. Economic fundamentals remain relatively strong and there will be both niche and broader-based opportunities across consumers, governments, and business customers. Capturing these will require careful product positioning, innovative business models, and adaptive route-to-market strategies, as price sensitivity and rising competition will put pressure on companies looking to capitalize on these opportunities.

However, significant risks loom over the outlook for the region, many of them interconnected. Executives need to ensure that they have robust contingency plans for their businesses, are building resilience within their market portfolios and individual country operations, and are creating careful monitoring mechanisms to get ahead of disruption to their performance during 2019.

How can you prepare your business in the best possible way next year for any risks that the medium-term time horizon may bring?

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