Thank you for your interest in our Events to Watch for 2018! We are excited to offer you an executive summary of the research.

Since the November 1 publication of FSG’s 2018 Events to Watch report, our analysts have continued to monitor and update their scenario analysis. This update includes several changes to our estimated likelihood of certain events, and a new event. Though FSG’s base-case outlook for 2018 is for a broad-based global economic recovery, geopolitical risk remains more elevated than in most previous years. Market euphoria in the past had led to a breakdown in risk planning, and MNCs should continue to monitor both the new market opportunities as well as the key risks to their strategic plans throughout the year.

This flagship research provides an in-depth overview of 9 global events, as well as over 20 regional events to monitor throughout the year, including:

  • Eurozone banking crisis
  • Trump immigration crackdown
  • South Africa ruling party rift
  • Algeria currency crash
  • Disputes flare on Asian seas
  • …and many more!

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