The global outlook has stabilized considerably over the last year as emerging markets continue a gradual recovery and developed markets demonstrate resilience to politically driven disruptions. However, multinational executives should not grow complacent—Chinese growth continues to moderate, the Federal Reserve is tightening monetary policy, and the Trump administration continues to drive uncertainty.

We recently sat down with FSG’s Director for Global Economics, Antonio Martinez, to discuss the report findings, risks to monitor, and potential business implications for MNCs. In this exclusive interview, Antonio discusses how multinationals can ensure that their global strategies are shielded from potential disruptions so they can continue to capture market opportunity.

“2018 is going to be a year where the emerging market recovery continues to gather pace, and we expect that 2018 will provide a list of significantly broader recovery than we’ve seen this year. The key title, our subtitle of the report is really avoiding complacency in a reviving global economy. We have been speaking with executives and corporate boards, we started to see an expectation that the global economy is moving in the right direction after several years of significant disruption and volatility. ” -Antonio Martinez

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FSG’s Global Outlook for 2018 summarizes the main drivers shaping the outlook for each major region, and what executives need to prioritize in order to succeed. For a sample of the report pages, watch the slideshow below!

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