Featured in the Harvard Business Review, FSG’s 2017 MENA Regional Outlook provides a framework for multinational executives to adjust to the region’s changing environment.

FSG’s forecasts show that MENA (Middle East and North Africa) will experience moderate economic growth and a slight improvement in confidence as the shock of the oil price drop subsides in 2017. However, volatility in international financial markets—in oil prices as well as currencies—alongside slow reform implementation and heightened political uncertainty after Trump’s inauguration in the US, will weigh on business performance.

In the region, MNCs will face higher operating costs, an increasingly price-sensitive public sector, and wider fluctuations in business and consumer demand, largely due to the effects of the fiscal reforms that both oil-importing and exporting governments will implement. In order to maintain their market share, achieve consistent sales growth, and hit profitability targets, multinationals must avoid relying purely on overall market growth, and instead proactively diversify their MENA portfolios and adjust their sales strategies.

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