Are you building the right plan to expand into Cuba?


Sizing the cuban opportunity

Given President Obama’s historic trip and the flood of regulatory and diplomatic changes that have occurred since his first meeting with Cuban President Raul Castro last fall, most businesses are overly optimistic about the outlook for Cuba.

However, it is important for American business leaders considering investing in Cuba to understand the current status of its economy, and the factors that will influence its future.

The fact is, most companies that enter the market today stand to lose millions of dollars in investment capital with the wrong plan.

Timing is critical as well.

Investing too much too soon, or waiting too long to get started will both have serious consequences.

This report reveals the information that every company needs to consider before expanding into Cuba and what scenarios they should be prepared for to seize the opportunity when the time is right.

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What is included in the report?

The 50 page report provides a comprehensive overview of the factors American business leaders need to consider to develop a bulletproof plan to enter the Cuban market.

The following are screenshots of actual pages in the report:

Why are multinational companies so interested in investing in Cuba?

Cuba 1

How can companies assess the risks inherent to doing business in Cuba?

Cuba 2

Why can’t you rely on Cuban statistics to inform business planning?

Cuba 3.1

Where do opportunities lie for American firms that sell to Businesses, Consumers, Government? 

Cuba 4

What critical factors do business plans need to account for over the long term?

Cuba 6

What scenarios should businesses be monitoring and planning for?

Cuba 7

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