Global business executives like yourself are frequently faced with too much information and lack the appropriate filters to distill that information into business impacts and effective actions. At FSG, we solve this problem by giving our clients unmetered access to our analysts. Meet some of our experts below!


Martina oversees FSG’s research teams covering LATAM, APAC, and EMEA. She works with senior executives to support their short- and long-term strategy and planning processes, advise on executional best practices across geographies, and to provide guidance on responding to or anticipating external events that can disrupt MNCs’ business plans.

Latest research: Localization Pressures in EMEA | Blog articles by Martina

ZEYNEP KOSEREISOGLU, Practice Leader, Middle East & North Africa and Turkey

Zeynep is a Middle East and North Africa (MENA) analyst at Frontier Strategy Group. She writes regular reports on Turkey and MENA, helping senior executives filter through and adjust to the ongoing political and economic developments in the region.

Latest research: Turkey 2023 | Blog articles by Zeynep

WILLIAM ATTWELL, Practice Leader, Sub-Saharan Africa

As FSG’s Practice Leader for Sub-Saharan Africa, William advises heads of SSA and their teams on their SSA strategies, specializing in the region’s East and Southern African markets.

Latest research: Accelerate Growth in South Africa | Blog articles by William

ALEC LEE, Practice Leader, Latin America

Alec is a practice leader for Latin America research at Frontier Strategy Group. His work focuses on providing support to business leaders in strategic business execution and the management of operational risks.

Latest research: Monetizing Value-Added Services | Blog articles by Alec

 DANYI YANG, Practice Leader, Asia-Pacific

As a Practice Leader based in Singapore, Danyi closely monitors macroeconomic trends and business climates in key Asian emerging markets, and advises multinationals on their strategic positioning in the region, including developing market prioritization plans, designing effective channel strategies, and competing with local players.

Latest research: Localizing Digital Strategy in ASEAN | Blog articles by Danyi

ANTONIO MARTINEZ, Director, Global Economics

Antonio is responsible for FSG’s global economics research and integrated monthly forecast revision process. His work focuses on identifying macroeconomic and geopolitical shifts across a wide portfolio of international markets, and extrapolating cross-regional implications for multinational corporations.

Latest research: 2018 Events to Watch | Blog articles by Antonio

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