FSG’s global research team covers a wide range of topics including market outlooks, management best practices, and executive workflow strategies. Below is a sampling of the analysis we provide to our clients:

Turkey 2023: Outlook & Scenarios – Turkey will remain an attractive market in multinational companies’ emerging Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) portfolios in the next five years. Consumer, business, and public-sector demand will grow moderately, creating opportunities but not buoying easy revenue growth for firms. Learn critical information businesses need to incorporate into their long-term strategy and planning for Turkey.

Prioritizing Digital Markets in ASEAN – Southeast Asia has a rapidly developing digital ecosystem that provides multinational companies with wide-reaching online channels for customer engagement. This analysis offers an effective, three-step process for multinational companies to prioritize their digital markets and evaluate internal digital capability gaps in Southeast Asia, building a solid foundation to design localized digital strategies for the region.

Trump, Tariffs and Trade Wars – US President Donald Trump has just implemented new steel and aluminum tariffs, the most recent in a series of protectionist measures that he has enacted since he was inaugurated in January 2017. Firms should proactively assess what contingency steps they can take, particularly for supply chains between the US and the EU and China, where there is the greatest risk of disruption. This report covers what you need to know.

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