Wednesday, June 5, 2019 | 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM

Please join us and other executives to discuss how Latin America’s 2020 outlook will affect your business, and how to best position your company to leverage the ongoing digital transformation wave.

The event will gather LATAM regional executives from leading multinationals and will feature our Latin America Economic and Business Outlook for 2020, as well as a moderated discussion on Enabling Digital Transformation.

Multinationals should plan for higher growth in Latin America in 2020 on the back of Brazil’s recovery and positive momentum in other South American markets such as Colombia, Chile, and Peru. Central America and the Caribbean should continue to outperform, although US economic deceleration will present some challenges to this region. Argentina faces a critical presidential election in October of 2019, and the 2020 budget season in Mexico will unveil whether AMLO’s administration will prioritize macroeconomic stability or set the country on an unsustainable fiscal path. As always, the region will remain vulnerable to external disruptors, namely to faster-than-expected slowdown in the US, China and Europe, risk of movements in global financial markets, and ongoing trade and geopolitical tensions. Internal and external risks will continue to merit careful scenario and contingency planning.

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