Tuesday, February 12, 2019 | 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM

On February 12th in São Paulo, FSG will hold its first of four Latin American Healthcare Cohort Executive Roundtables to be hosted across Latin America in 2019.

During our roundtable in São Paulo, our Practice Leader for Latin America Healthcare Alec Lee will be facilitating a discussion around how the macroeconomic and political conditions in Latin America will be impacting healthcare expenditures and key stakeholder priorities and preferences in the region across 2019. We will focus on recent shift in market access barriers, looking at recent and emerging trends in price and utilization controls, and work to identify the major risks and opportunities presented by the current conditions in the healthcare sector operating environment in 2018.

Given the major pressures on payer budgets in the region’s key healthcare markets of Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, and Argentina, we will also spend time aligning specifically on how emerging pressures and market access barrier trends in these markets will impact optimal strategy for multinational healthcare executives.

Finally, we will conclude by doing a deep dive into one of today’s most pressing tactical questions for multinational healthcare executives: how to leverage a growing amount of data in emerging market healthcare systems to drive competitive differentiation and enhance commercial performance.

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