Meet Decision-Makers, Not Service Providers…


Introducing a new format to reach your target audience in a highly curated, value-added manner.

For more than a decade, Frontier Strategy Group has established the premier community of 5,500+ senior executives from 250+ of the world’s most respected corporations.
Through their subscription to FSG’s FrontierView Platform, these executives gain valuable research, data, analytics and insights to inform pressing business decisions in their high-stakes markets.
As part of their subscription, these executives also gain access to a highly curated set of closed-door events around the world, reserved exclusively for senior decision-makers from top-tier businesses.

Your Opportunity…

FSG invites a limited number of high-caliber organizations to sponsor these executive events across the year. Unlike traditional event sponsorships, there are several factors that make partnering with FSG a worthwhile investment.
  • You are Not “One of Many”: FSG only invites one or two sponsors to participate in each event. The goal is always to add value to our attendees by providing them exposure to new ideas and solutions that complement FSG’s offering/perspective.
  • Meet Decision-Makers, Not Service Providers: Unlike some of the events you may have sponsored in the past, FSG’s events are exclusive to senior executives from top-tier brands – this is an opportunity to reach decision-makers to grow your business and build awareness of your brand.
  • Leverage FSG’s Trusted Advisor Status: Through cultivating this active executive community over the course of many years, FSG has achieved “Trusted Advisor” status in the eyes of our clients. In being selective early on in the sponsor identification process, we are willing to leverage these strong client relationships to provide direct introductions, or internal referrals (from the top-down) to reach your target prospects.

Event Details

Across 2018, FSG will organize 30+ events in major cities around the world. Cities include: Washington, DC, New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Miami, Mexico City, São Paulo, Bogota, Buenos Aires, London, Dubai, Moscow, Johannesburg, Istanbul, Singapore, Shanghai and Hong Kong. Most events are held in 5-Star hotels, and take the form of executive breakfasts or half-day roundtable sessions.
Attendee Profile – Roles of Past Attendees
  • Head of International/Global/Emerging Markets
  • Head of Strategy
  • Head of Finance/CFO
  • Head of Region: Asia, Latin America, Europe, Middle East & Africa
Attendee Profile – Industries of Past Attendees
  • Consumer (Durables, FMCG, Retail)
  • B2B/Industrials (Manufacturing, Automotive, Chemicals)
  • Technology (Software, Hardware, Internet, Services)
  • Healthcare (Medical Devices, Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology)
Previous companies in attendance include:

Selected Attendees

Selected Attendees 2

Why Partner with FSG?

#1 Stand Out: Interact with corporate decision-makers, not lower-level managers or other service providers
#2 Exclusive: Senior executive audience creates a friendly, peer-to-peer level of engagement and openness
#3 Customized: Each sponsor program is tailored to maximize your goals (lead generation, sales development, brand awareness, etc.)
#4 Intimate: Participation limited to 20-50 executives with interactive discussion on topics related to global business
#5 Highly Rated: Average 9/10 net promoter score among attendees – highly valued and well-received

Learn More…

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