Sub-Saharan Africa’s (SSA’s) growth will improve in 2018, from 2.4% YOY in 2017 to 3.3% YOY in 2018, buoyed by greater currency stability in most markets, greater levels of investment, and the easing of drought conditions that plagued East and southern Africa in 2016–2017.

We recently sat down with FSG’s Director for Sub-Saharan Africa Research, Anna Rosenberg, to discuss the report findings, risks to monitor in the region, and potential business implications for MNCs. In this exclusive interview, Anna takes a deep dive into the macroeconomic situation in each of the big economies in SSA, as well as actions to take in the medium- and long-term.

“Multinationals need to adjust their expectations about targets, they need to be a lot more realistict. They need to understand what really drives spending in the region, and what products are needed locally. They need to understand how consumers buy, how governments spend, how decisions are being made. But most importantly, they need to focus on their channel. They need to make sure they have the right local partners and they have the right strategies to distribute the product, to market the product in the context of a local market.” -Anna Rosenberg

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FSG’s Sub-Saharan Africa Regional Outlook for 2018 summarizes what your organization should expect over the next 12-18 months in the region and how to best adapt your strategies to the changes in macro conditions and customer needs that are taking place there. For a sample of the report pages, watch the slideshow below!

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