Thank you for your interest in our Sub-Saharan Africa Regional Outlook for 2018! We are excited to offer you an executive summary of the research.

Sub-Saharan Africa’s (SSA’s) growth will improve in 2018, from 2.4% YOY in 2017 to 3.3% YOY in 2018, buoyed by greater currency stability in most markets, greater levels of investment, and the easing of drought conditions that plagued East and southern Africa in 2016–2017.

However, balancing the regional portfolio will remain a challenge. Large markets such as Angola, Nigeria, and South Africa will experience only mild improvements in growth, while rapid expansion continues in the smaller East and Francophone West African markets. Your teams will need to devise strategies to both accelerate demand in large, slower-growing key markets, while at the same time cost-effectively capturing opportunities in smaller geographies across the region. All of this, of course, while managing considerable political and economic risk of volatility.

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