Brazil-WhitePaper-LandingPage-ReportCoverFew major economies have stumbled as abruptly as Brazil’s. For nearly a decade, it was a darling of international investors—the largest market in Latin America and 30-40% of a typical multinational’s Latin America portfolio.

As 2015 draws to a close, companies in a number of industries are seeing stalling and even shrinking sales, in line with a recessionary overall economy. Given an expected average annual growth rate of 1.0% through 2020, multinationals will need to find new ways to deliver on the dual corporate mandate of top-line and bottom-line performance.

This white paper identifies five strategies that leading multinational companies are already implementing in Brazil in order to outpace their competitors and improve profitability, strategies that define the New Economics of Winning in Brazil, including:

  • Localizing your business
  • Expanding into new markets within Brazil
  • Supporting channel performance
  • and more…

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