Thank you for your interest in our Western Europe Regional Outlook for 2018! We are excited to offer you an executive summary of the research.

Western European markets will record strong performance in 2018, after risks subsided during 2017. However, multinationals are unlikely to see a considerable acceleration in consumer and business demand in 2018 unless governments implement reforms.

The business landscape will be attractive in large markets like Germany and France, and southern Europe will offer growth opportunities, especially Spain, as fundamentals improve rapidly. As macroeconomic conditions remain favorable, competition will increase. With careful execution and a special focus on customer segmentation and redefinition of value proposition, MNCs can capture the solid opportunities across the region in 2018.

FSG’s WEUR Outlook will help your team monitor and assess WEUR’s trajectory, risks, and scenarios to inform your overall growth strategy. We also provide specific actions to help you find the right pockets of opportunity for your business, and differentiate your offering from competitors’ in the region.

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